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Howdy folks and welcome to the Eat More Toadstools site, which is primarily dedicated to wild, cultivated, edible and medicinal fungi and plants. However, anything else I find interesting is fair game. What I find interesting will usually relate to mushrooms or plants in one way or another, but as Mr. Emerson told us long ago, "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." I also teach workshops when I find a willing audience. Information may be found on my workshop page. The word “toadstool” has a number of definitions; in particular, as a lowbrow term for mushroom. Sometimes it implies any mushroom that is not the familiar Agaricus bisporus found in your local grocery store. Some of these are edible, tasty and maybe even good for you. Eat more of them.

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Sometimes the word refers to poisonous mushrooms, particularly amongst those who do not know anything about fungi not found in the produce department. If they do not recognize what it is, it is proclaimed to be a toadstool. I would not suggest that anyone eat more poisonous mushrooms or eat any mushroom that you cannot positively identify as edible. Well, actually I can think of a few people who should voluntarily eat more of the poisonous ones, but they are not likely to visit this site.

Sometimes toadstool means certain psychoactive mushrooms, some of which are illegal. You are on your own with these. I personally believe no plants or fungi should be outlawed. May whatever powers that be please not allow mankind to find a way to eliminate nature's manure decomposers from the planet for obvious reasons. However, the use of any mushroom, plant or substance that may be illegal in my jurisdiction is one subject I will generally avoid on this site. I do not write society’s rules. Tilting at windmills is not for this old hippie who wore out his lances when he was younger. There are plenty of forums in cyberspace where these issues are cussed and discussed. This is simply not my interest here. I have bigger toadstools to fry – mostly in olive oil. Note that Amanita muscaria is not amongst the prohibited, is occasionally sold online, and is too interesting to ignore. I will not urge you to pick it or eat it, nor will I urge you not to do so. Once again, you are on your own.

You might ask why I say "eat more toadstools." As I write this I am looking at a front license plate, sold for use in states that have only captured the rear plates and allow people to be creative about what goes on front of their vehicle. The plate says "Eat Mo' Cooter," a reference to the soft-shelled turtle that is served at the Yearling Restaurant in Cross Creek, Florida. I suspect the restaurant got the idea from other plates reading "eat more possum" or "eat more gator." Anything to offend the Yankee tourist or call attention to one's backwoods Southern heritage. Interestingly enough, Southerners are as likely as any to be mycophobic, so don't expect to see Billy Bob sporting an "Eat More Toadstools" tag on the front of his Georgia Cadillac. Possum and sweet taters he'll eat, but those mushrooms that aren't in plastic and styrofoam wrap in the grocery store? Those are toadstools! They're poisonous.

Again, welcome to the site. I am always ready and willing to do a workshop or appear as a guest lecturer to entertain your audience. I can talk about mushrooms, plants, lactic fermentation, and Georgia ice cream as you prefer. If you find value in the site, please patronize my sponsors whose banner ads are mainly on my blog. You may also contribute through PayPal. This is not a tax deductable contribution, but it will help defray my costs.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor or a lawyer, so nothing I write should be considered to be medical or legal advice. I am qualified to give advice in certain professional areas, but I charge for such advice. Anything you get for free from my site is worth only what you pay for it. Therefore, don't blame me if things don't work as you expected unless you are paying me to make things work.