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I know this guy. He’s a good writer. I’ve helped him find wild edibles, and he’s helped me. This is his newest.  Get yourself a book or three.

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Here’s an older one:


My Health Issues

Pittman & Davis

In early August, I had an amputation of my right leg below the  knee.  I do not have my artificial leg yet, so trips to the mushroom patch haven’t happened lately.  Also, I have not been able to find someone to help me clean up the website,  so I have paid little attention to it since last winter. Everybody seems to be too expensive, too cheap, or they want to sell me something I don’t need that might be great for a retailer, but not for me.  If you know of somebody who is just right, maybe a freelancer with a regular job, let me know.

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It’s almost the end of the kumquat season. Last year I went to Plant City, FL and picked up a batch, but this year winter has been so awful, I’ve been afraid to leave my house for even a week or two for fear of what might happen while I was gone.  So I ordered 10 lbs. They’re great. Anything you can buy in a grocery store here is probably picked too soon, but 2 day delivery from Florida gets them to you at their peak. The season ends soon, but if you see this, order some. They also have preserved products that you can order all year. I don’t have a banner ad, but just click on the link below:

No photos right now… too busy eating them to break out the camera.

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Herb Seeds from Richter’s

The seeds I ordered from Richter’s ( have arrived.  All tips on cultivation are welcome, as are discussions on the uses of the plants themselves.

Eatmore T.

1 pkt S1236-100 Bai Zhu Seeds
1 pkt S2055 Cumin Black Seeds
1 pkt S2354 Ephedra Green Seeds
1 pkt S2828 Gentian Tibetan Seeds
1 pkt S5190 Sage White Seeds
1 pkt S6530 Toothache Cress Seeds
1 pkt S6555 Tribulus Seeds
1 pkt S6655 Visnaga Seeds
1 pkt S9372 Melon Small Striped SeedZoo(tm)Seeds

See's Candies, Inc.

Mushrooms, Massages, and Morel Madness

Hot Tub Things | Supplies, Parts, Accessories

There’s no mushrooms out in this deep freeze. It’s so cold the politicians have their hands in their own pockets.  Somebody shoulda turned that damned groundhog into stew.

Soon morel season will be upon us. You might need a therapeutic massage after hiking that distance to get to your morel patch. Or maybe you need one now due to shoveling the snow that Alaska would like to have back. If you live in the DC area, or are coming here for a visit to hit that fabulous morel patch in Gucci Gulch, when winter ends in July (unless Alaska takes it’s weather back), and you need a massage, you should go here:

Tell them Eatmore sent you. They’ll fix you right up. Gar-rawn-teed, cuz one thing they don’t need is me badgering them if they fail.

Be sure to ask me about Gucci Gulch if you’re planning a visit.

Eatmore T.


Mountain Valley Seeds

I just received 2 new packets of seeds from Renee’s Garden (  The Birds and Bees Sunflower seeds for the bugs and critters, and Tuscan Baby Leaf Kale for myself. It’s too soon to plant where I live, but not too soon to start ordering seeds. And if you’re further south, planting is just around the corner.

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More plant, seed and gardening tool links below. There’s sure to be something that interests you. Buy now!
Gardener's Supply Company

Cook's Garden
American Meadows - Seed Packets! Low Prices, Fast Shipping! - Tomato HP Logo


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Chocolate Time!

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. Who will be my Valentine? I’m a good cook.

I couldn’t find any good recipes for chocolate mushrooms, and inventing one is just out of my league. If we had candy cap mushrooms in the East, I think I could do it. If anybody wants to send me some, you know how to find me.  Meanwhile, click on these links, and order chocolate.

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