Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree…

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The planter tries to beat the squirrels to the nuts. I never have figured out exactly what kind of chestnut it is. Can anybody tell by the leaves?

Eatmore T.



3 thoughts on “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree…

  1. I did beat the squirrels to enough of them to roast a few batches. I boil them first, then I cut the shells so they won’t explode, and roast them.

  2. From what I just read, thanks to your post, the Dunstan Hybrid was started in 1962, with a large planting in 1984. This tree was given to me in 2000 by a professor I took on some of my morel forays. It came from chestnuts he gathered from very large old trees in the Shenandoah Valley, that likely predate the Dunstan. I thought for a long time that he had gathered nuts from surviving American chestnuts, and maybe he believed that also. But Chinese chestnut is a more likely bet.

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