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Advertisers and a Question

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The question: would you find short video clips to be of interest? I have one a friend did of me talking about the only morel we found that day. Let me know in the comments section. I do allow comments from the public. And questions too!

Eatmore T.

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The Planking of the Shad


The third Wednesday of every April, the Wakefield, VA Ruritan Club hold a shad planking. I was there. The food is still good, even better than I remember it from when I first started going in the 1980s. The beer is still good. But it’s turned into a Republican mini-convention, which is not so good. As a result, fewer people attend.

It should be bipartisan. It’s not the fault of the Ruritan Club as an organization, but individual members should share the blame. The politicians they voted for gerrymandered all the Democrats into other districts. Safe seats for all, and nary a different opinion is heard. Only “I’m more blankety-blank than that guy from the same party running against me.”  OK, but where’s the ticket sales? This event provides money for various non-profits in the area. More partisanship, fewer bucks.

And Terry A., ya coward, you shoulda been there. Your opponent got free coverage in the Washington Post the next day due to his speech. Not that Terry A. is gonna read a mushroom blog…

Y’all probably didn’t know that I can do political rants. One of my many skills. Gotta do something while I wait for the morels to pop. April 20, and I haven’t found the first one.

Photos below. Send your cards and letters folks. Especially if you’re in one of the photos.

Eatmore T.



Some folks chowing down on good barbecue provided by a radio show. Makes more sense than the “inside baseball” Republican candidate giving away beer and hard cider (which was quite good) in a 22 oz cup that said “Mayor Bloomberg hates this.” What has Mayor Bloomberg got to do with rural VA and shad?



Shad roe. My favorite. Too bad those of us with fishing poles aren’t allowed to harvest any in VA, MD or DC, while commercial fisherman can still sell them to us. Hunting and gathering is not appreciated anymore. I did bend a pol’s ear about this. He promised to look into it.


Georgia Morels

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Here are photos of all the morels I’ve found this year.

OK, there aren’t any photos because I’ve found no morels yet. I spent 2 days looking over what seemed to be perfect morel country in Central GA with my friend, Selby Lowndes. We found nothing, although conditions seemed perfect. If anybody has any leads on where to find them in Middle GA, please let me know. I don’t want to know exactly where your patch is, but some general information would sure help.

Eatmore T.