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Po’ Folks Eatin’

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Taters, sweet taters, and rutabagas all smashed up with kefir cheese. Grated fresh ginger and garlic added. Salt and pepper to taste. That’s my seasonal peasant’s supper. No mushrooms, but no reason why I couldn’t use them. I didn’t find any honey mushrooms last year, and they probably would work best.

I boil the roots until soft, and mash them all together, just as I did here. Then I add a sour dairy product. It’s not vegan, but it is meatless, and very filling. I’ve used turnips before. I don’t think I’d use beets because they would overpower the other roots. I always use regular taters to even out the flavors.

Eatmore T.

The Days Get Shorter

I’ve been so busy I almost forgot the equinox earlier this week. The days get shorter, the weather gets cooler and a different crop of mushrooms appear. That is, if we can get some real rain instead of drizzle.

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Eatmore T.

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