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Maitake the mushroom, growing only at the base of oak trees (although it can be cultivated on other media):


Maitake the cat, found anywhere in the house, but especially at her food bowl or her window perch:


Chocolate… doesn’t mix well with either maitake or Maitake (she’d rather have fresh tuna anyhow), but tastes great to us, especially this time of year:

Cafe Britt Gourmet chocolate

Keep your feline friends in the house this week if at all possible.  Maitake has not been out of the house since I found her in the woods when I was searching for maitake the mushroom.  She would not wear a leash as a kitten and would not last 10 minutes outside on her own in this urban environment.  She gets a lot of pampering indoors, including a window perch and a bird feeder that attracts cat entertainment.  The good thing about setting up a bird feeder as entertainment for cats is you don’t drive yourself nuts trying to keep squirrels away from the feeder.  It’s all kitty amusement.

Eatmore T.