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Spring is Slow Coming

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Bloodroot has flowered, and ramps are poking up, but everything else is slow. I’ve posted plenty of photos of them in the past, so I won’t bother this year. Just google the plant of interest and this blog together, and you can find them. In fact, you can do that for a lot of plants and mushrooms. If there’s something you’d like to see, just ask. I may have photos I never posted. If not, I’ll try to find one this year.

Eatmore T

Bloodroot Coming up Beneath the Native American Chestnut

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I have a native American chestnut in my yard.  That is correct.   It is not a hybrid.  A friend of mine germinated trees from chestnuts that came from trees missed by the blight.   Right now it is pretty bare, but a bloodroot I planted beneath it is up and it has flowered.  Below is a photo.  I will get more in a few days.  Photos and bloodroot.

Eatmore T.

bloodroot beneath chestnut