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Spring is Slow Coming



Bloodroot has flowered, and ramps are poking up, but everything else is slow. I’ve posted plenty of photos of them in the past, so I won’t bother this year. Just google the plant of interest and this blog together, and you can find them. In fact, you can do that for a lot of plants and mushrooms. If there’s something you’d like to see, just ask. I may have photos I never posted. If not, I’ll try to find one this year.

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Weird Weather

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For the 2nd year in a row, March was colder in March than February, creating a delayed spring.  Although I got my lettuce and other greens planted in early March, it’s slow to germinate. Which may mean it bolts sooner when the weather suddenly turns hot.  If there’s no Aug-Sept drought, I do better with a fall garden of greens, but often it’s just too dry for good germination… only so much time and money I’m willing to spend watering, when I can just buy it at the farmers market. That’s one reason I mostly grow things I can’t easily buy, or that are high value. This year, I planted much of my lettuce in containers, and I’ll see if moving them to the north side of the house into the shade helps it last longer.

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Renee’s Garden Sent Me a Pack of Tasmanian Chocolate


Maters, that is. I don’t have the ideal land for common garden crops, so I concentrate on difficult to grow herbs and medicinal plants. But I recently acquired some containers that I can put on my ancient unused concrete driveway, which is on the south side of my house. Renee’s Garden is a favorite of mine for high quality vegetable seeds. Flowers too, but I grow very little for decoration. ( ).

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I haven’t updated this site in about 6 months. I’m going to try to do better this year, but I’ve yet to figure out how to monetize it to cover the costs of my efforts, so it’s dropped to the bottom of my “to do” list. Has anybody got any ideas? Does anybody else want to post stuff other than spam? If you have something worthwhile on the subjects of mushrooms and foraging, recipes, “rotten” food, or Georgia ice cream (grits), feel free.

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Foraging at the Farmers Market

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My foraging isn’t limited to the woods, and, as you might have seen, my entire corn crop fit into a small bowl. Can’t get many meals out of that! While I patronize chain grocery stores, I really prefer to buy what I can as close to the source as I can. I also enjoy foods from all over the world. I live in an area where there are first and second generation immigrants from many different countries and all livable continents. Some have opened shops and restaurants that mostly cater to immigrant populations, but are more than happy to serve everybody. I’m always on the lookout for something tasty and different, and I’m certainly not gonna prepare everything I eat from scratch.

Sweets and Spice ( ) sets up at my local farmers market every Sunday, along with the traditional 40 acres and a mule folks who drive their produce in, and other local artisans. It features baked goods based on the cuisine of Tajikistan, or more broadly Central Asia. They aren’t all that strict about it… I mean, Central Asia isn’t noted for avocado cookies. These days, Americans like their organics, some want gluten-free, vegan,  low carbohydrate, and such. There’s something for almost everybody on the tables. Freshly baked while most people are asleep or stumbling home from a late night out. And it’s good stuff. In a neighborhood known for good stuff. It’s not all sweet desserts either, or I couldn’t buy much of it. My doc would pitch a hissy fit. The samosas (meat and vegetable), breads, and some of the desserts with complex carbohydrates are fine for me in moderation. And the avocado cookies.

They’ve also got spice mixes. I’ve never tried them, seeing as how I’ve got more herbs and spices than Carter has little liver pills. My neighbor says they’re good though.

You can order online and have it shipped if you can’t make it to the market. Tell ’em Eatmore sent you, and they’ll fix you right up. Or they’ll never hear the end of it if they don’t.

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